Important Updates


Membership Due

Membership dues run from Jan 1 through Dec 31.

$20 – Individual/Farm Membership

$5 – Junior Membership (21 and under)

After April 15, dues will increase by $5/membership type.

2016 Application

Upcoming Schedule

Board of Directors Meeting:

  • February following the Annual Meeting
  • May during OJLE
    • Election of 2017 Pork Act Delegates
  • August at State Fair
  • 2nd Sunday of November

State Fair Swine Schedule:

  • Wednesday, August 31
    • 10am-8pm: Check-in
  • Thursday, September 1
    • 8am – 10am: Check-in
    • 10:30am: Exhibitor Meeting
    • 11:30am: All Market Barrow Weighed & Paint Branded
    • 4:30pm: Hampshire Breeding Show
  • Friday, September 2
    • 10:30am: Yorkshire Breeding Show
    • 1:30pm: AOB Breeding Show
    • 3:30pm: Duroc Breeding Show
  • Saturday, September 3
    • 8:30am: Crossbred Breeding Show
    • 12pm: Supreme Champion Boar & Gilt Drive
    • 1pm: Market Barrows
    • 6pm: OPP Boar & Gilt Sale
  • Sunday, September 4
    • Exhibitor Meeting

Who We Are:

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The Oregon Pork Producers strives to serve all producers regardless of size or production practices by promoting producer and consumer education, research, animal well-being, marketing, and environmental responsibility.


It is the vision of the Oregon Pork Producers to be a strong advocate for the responsible production and marketing of swine and pork in the Pacific Northwest.